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Income Tax Services are provided by Mark A Pari, AFSP

With 40 years of experience in various forms of income tax preparation,

Mark Pari is a seasoned professional in Individual, Business, and other forms of tax preparation,

Not only preparing Federal returns but preparing all State returns as well.

If you're looking for Experience that you can Count on, contact Mark Pari today!

Individual Income Tax Preparation

Professionally complete your Federal Income Tax Form including electronic filing and direct deposit of refund (or direct payment of any balance due).

Are you receiving every dollar you are entitled to? Our job as your tax professional is to prepare you tax return as accurately and completely as possible, getting you every dollar you deserve or paying only what you owe.

If you are in doubt about the accuracy of a prior year's tax return, we will be happy to review it for you for free and file an amended return to correct the situation and possibly provide you an additional refund.

Business Income Tax Preparation

Professionally prepared Federal Income Tax for your Business includes electronic filing and related State Tax filings.

Whether you are self-employed, an LLC, an S-Corp, or a Corporation, we can prepare your tax return(s). As a Tax Professional, your tax preparation includes analysis and consultation regarding ways to improve your business and your business tax situation.

If you have a Startup or short year New Business, allow Mark Pari to keep you on the straight and narrow, with regards to business and tax compliance.